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About Us

Ruakura Inland Port is a joint venture between Tainui Group Holdings and Port of Tauranga

About Tainui Group Holdings

Tainui Group Holdings (TGH) is the wholly owned commercial entity of Waikato-Tainui with a responsibility to protect and grow the tribe’s commercial assets to support the development and prosperity of its 78,000 tribal members. All profits generated by TGH fund education, health, elderly, cultural, housing and environmental programmes, and are reinvested into further growing the commercial assets.

TGH manages a diverse asset portfolio which spans commercial, retail, and residential property, hotels, farming, fishing and forestry, infrastructure, equities and direct investment. Ruakura Superhub is a signature project and an example of the intergenerational approach the company takes to investment. Ruakura Inland Port is part of and located within Ruakura Superhub.

Learn more about Tainui Group Holdings here  and Ruakura Superhub here.


About Port of Tauranga

Port of Tauranga connects New Zealand and the world.

It is New Zealand’s largest and most efficient port and is the international freight gateway for the country’s imports and exports. Port of Tauranga is the only New Zealand port able to accommodate larger container vessels, unlocking environmental and economic benefits for shippers.

Port of Tauranga has a long history of partnering with customers, communities and suppliers to deliver more efficient supply chains and improve wellbeing.

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